1940's / 50's Pinup Hair and Makeup

30 Pin Up Hairstyles

Half Up Victory Roll Style

With two big victory rolls on top and some curled hair left long and loose, this pin up style blends vintage elements with modern edge. Accessorize with flowers to dress it up, or leave plain for a more everyday look.

Bumper Bangs Updo

A classic element of pin up hairstyles, bumper bangs are rolled inwards towards the face, creating a Bettie Page style bang without any cutting involved. Women with thick hair can achieve this style without any padding, but those with thin hair can use a cut apart hair donut to create volume and structure in the rolled bangs.

Victory Roll Updo

With two big rolls, one over and one under, this updo is a bold, stylish choice to pair with a vintage dress for a special occasion, or a ’40s themed wedding look.

Half Up Style With Victory Roll Bangs

If you’re new to the victory roll technique, try this half-up single rolled style that doesn’t take too much time to set into place, and leaves some loose hair flowing for a more casual look.

Loose Curls With Headscarf

Adding this cute headscarf to hair that’s been styled in loose spiral curls is an easy way to add instant pin up factor to your style. If you’re using a stiffer cotton bandana, try washing it beforehand to make it softer and more flexible.

Curled Style With Headscarf

Set your mid-length hair in hot rollers, then unwrap and brush out once cooled to get these big, vintage curls. Unlike a bandana style headscarf that lends itself to dressed down styles, this chiffon scarf is perfect for dressier occasions.

Sophisticated Rolled Updo

If you’re going for a pin up glam style on your wedding day or attending a ’40s themed event, this updo’s big rolls make for a super sophisticated style that’s somewhere between sexy and chic.

Headscarf Style With Rolled Bangs

Because most of your hair will be covered with a headscarf, this pin up style is perfect for days when you’re short on time, or your mane just isn’t cooperating. To get real staying power on rolled bangs with this much height, use liberal amounts of hairspray, and bring a mini bottle with you for touch-ups throughout the day.

Glamourous Brushed Curls

With her porcelain skin and raven colored hair, Dita Von Teese oozes old school glamour with a dash of cheeky pin up flair. Her styling here is a perfect example of how to wear vintage style elements in a high fashion way that doesn’t look like a costume or gimmick.

Glam Pink With Bumper Bangs

Katy Perry mixes modern trend in a bright peachy pink color with a classic pinup style featuring curled hair and a thick, dramatic bumper bang.

Glam Bob With Bow

Want to turn your long bob or mid-length cut into a perky, bouncy bob? Get these big, soft curls by setting hair in hot rollers then gently brushing out curls and spraying into place after rollers have cooled. If you’re looking for a quick way to add a bow to your style, look for hair pieces already attached to a headband or hair clips.

Face Framing Rolls

This style is perfect for anyone trying out victory rolls for the first time, because you won’t be styling behind your head where it’s difficult to see, and the final product doesn’t have to be perfect.

Pin Up Birdcage Style

Mid length hair is the ideal canvas for getting this pin up style that’s all rolled into an updo. Accessorize with a birdcage for a dramatic evening look, or go without for a softer, daytime style.

Long Waves With Short Bangs

We love the dramatic contrast between waist-length hair and short Bettie Page bangs. If you want to try this style for a day without committing, try adding extensions for more length and opt for a curled or bumper bang style instead of permanently cutting yours.

Sleek Rolled Updo

Christina Aguilera’s rolled updo cuts a sleek silhouette thanks to hair that’s pulled back at the sides, creating an instant slimming effect in the face.

Pastel Purple Victory Rolls

Using large sections to form two victory rolls on each side of the face, this demure vintage hairstyle is balanced nicely with an ultra trendy muted pastel hair color.

Brushed Curls With Short Blunt Bangs

In an ultra glamorous style that would make Bettie Page proud, these dark locks are styled into perfectly brushed out curls, and offset by dramatic blunt bangs. Try these short bangs if you’re looking for a style element that will add length to your face shape.

Aqua Pin Curl Bob

In another example of mixing modern hair color trends with vintage pin up styling, this look could be your everyday go-to, or something you keep on hand for special occasions. Create a few pin curls around your face and set the rest of hair in hot rollers to get this vintage bob style.

Ultra Glam Rolled Curled Updo

The big victory roll on top of this style adds height and dimension to this updo, while loose softer pieces styled at the back help to give it some romantic flair. Stick with the skeleton styling if you’re dressing up for Halloween or are a year round lover of horror aesthetics, or switch it up for flower accessories for a softer, daytime look.

Classic Half Up Style

As one of the most iconic 1940s looks, this half up style could be worn with a racy pin up outfit, or paired with a more demure swing dress.

Pin Up Style For Shorter Hair

All over rolled styles can be difficult to pull off with bob length hair, making this a great style option for women with shorter hair, especially if it’s longer on top. Create one roll with the middle section of hair, then slick back or pin the sides, depending on how long your hair is.

Soft Brushed Waves

If you’re looking for a more timeless pin up inspired hairstyle, try these soft brushed waves. The simple style doesn’t involve pinning rolls or bumper bangs, and is an easy way to add glamour to any mid-length style.

Rolled Style With Bettie Bangs

With big victory rolls and Bettie bangs, this is a very vintage look that can be tough to mix with more modern styling. To keep your style from looking too schizophrenic, stick to vintage inspired clothing items like halter neck swing dresses and cap sleeve blouses.

Big Rolled Style With Bow

With a huge roll up top and loose spiral curls in the back, this pin up style updo is the perfect mixture of precise style and bouncy fun. Add an oversized bow to pull the whole style together and help keep hair in place all night.

Cobalt Blue Pin Up Do

This updo looks glamorous now, but is based on styles that became popular in the ’40s when women began to work in factories during the second world war. Whether or not you opt for a stunning cobalt blue shade, this is a neat way to pay homage to women who stepped into a difficult role, and looked amazing while doing it.

Pin Up Ponytail

This high ponytail updo keeps hair out of your way all day, but looks more sophisticated and sexy than your average pony. If you have longer bangs or none at all, try creating the same face framing style by styling a piece of hair up and then tucking under the headscarf as pictured here.

Jumbo Fuchsia Curls

If you want to dress up your curls without tying them down with a headscarf or spending time fussing with rolls and pins, try accessorizing with fresh flowers!

Pinned Jumbo Rolls

Mixing ’40s glamour with cheeky pin up style, this rolled look has each hair perfectly in place. If you’re new to these styling techniques, we recommend trying something more simple until you’ve had some practice pinning rolls in place.

Spiral Curls Updo

For a quick pin up hairstyle that’s flirty and fun, use a silky headscarf to tie up your spiral curled hair. We love how Rihanna’s headscarf compliments her bright red hair, but feel free to be bold with this style and mix color palettes if you want.

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30 Pin Up Hairstyles
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30 Pin Up Hairstyles pics

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