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How to Help (Kids)

Helping can be hard to do when you're a kid. People may say that you should focus on living your childhood, and help when you're grown up, or that you are too young to help at all. But helping, whether you're helping your mom or helping the environment, can be comforting and make you feel better. Whether you did something bad and want to make up for it by helping, or you want to make someone accept your apology, etc., helping is a great option.


  1. Try to offer first.This means ask if they need it rather then having them ask you. Reach out and ask politely, "Can I help?" or "Need a hand?" or "How can I help you?" Some people are afraid to admit that they need help in the first place, so you asking them first can make them feel better. Remember that if they don't want help, they don't want help. Don't continue asking, "Please, please, please?" or be rude and say, "But youneedhelp!" If they don't need help, leave them alone, but if they do, smile and ask what you can do.
    • If a person obviously really needs help, help them, even if they don't want to be helped. It's better than having them drop all of their books, or having to paint an entire house alone.
    • Know when you are needed. If your mom is making cookies, she can probably make them alone without your help, so don't be whiny and ask. If you don't know if you do or don't, let them ask you first. if they need help urgently, they'll ask.
  2. Help the needy.Sometimes, even a few coins can make a big difference. If you see a man sitting on a box with raggedy clothes, he's probably poor and needs some assistance. Drop a quarter or dollar in his cup if he has one. Ask him what exactly he needs and be glad to give it to him (unless it's too much)! Remember, you can always help out a little!
    • Sometimes, when you see beggars on the street, consider whether or not they really need help. Some people just stand there because they want money, but others need help badly. Use your best judgement.
  3. Think or what you can do.Helping them with something that they don't need help with is good, but doesn't get you far. Think about what this person has been having trouble with or has been recently doing and think about what you can do to help them. Also think about; what would happen if you don't help this person? What would happen if you do? Take your best choice and do it!
  4. Put yourself in their shoes.Being a nice person will bring thoughts of why you should help them and what it would be like if you were that person. If you were this person, how much help would you want or need? Some people want help, but don't need a ton of it. You don't want to be an overbearing person forcing them to take your assistance. Let them accept what you will give. Some people want a ton of help, and if you don't give them a lot, they'll be frustrated. Think about what this person needs and offer what you can give.
  5. Donate or volunteer.Donating clothing, money or food will help the poor. Also volunteering for things is great! Make sure, though, that the organization or group you are helping will be trustworthy though. You don't want to help a lot for nothing at all. Give what you own, and then give your support, but make sure they will take it and put it to good use.
  6. Watch or observe.See what people have to go through, it might motivate you to help even more! See the beggars, lined down the streets, begging for money, or watch some kids struggle to learn to read. Although it may make you feel sadder, it should help you to see what the world is like and what it needs from you. By looking around your community to see what the troubles are, you can make a difference.
  7. Listen.You can't possibly know anything if you don't pay attention! Listen to what people say, whether you are listening for instructions, or listening to a sad mother tell her story. Look around you and hear some children cry or hear the people you helped cheering, and remember that by listening, working hard and help out even a little, you can make a difference.

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