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mariah carey james packer engaged Whos Mariah Careys New Billionaire Fiancé, James Packer?

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The Internet went into overdrive last night with the news thatMariah Careyis engaged to her boyfriend of one year, Australian billionaire James Packer—the reports have officially been confirmed by Carey’s representatives. It’s not just the impending wedding everyone’s buzzing about, but the huge rock Packer proposed with: Some reports say the diamond is a whopping 35 carats, and others estimate the ring’s worth .5 million. Yes,million.

Carey and Packer have been friends since 2014, when they met in Aspen at a movie premiere. Mariah toldSteve Harveyin November, “We were talking and laughing and people were getting mad at us and stuff like that. So, we hit it off.” When Harvey added that James was a lucky man, the Grammy winner replied, “I’m lucky, too.” So, yes, these two are clearly smitten with each other.

Unless, like me, you happen to have lived in Australia, you probably have absolutely no idea who this Packer guys is—you definitely haven’t seen his face on many major red carpets, that’s for sure. However, where I come from, the Packers are a household name, so keep reading to get the 411 on Mariah’s new fiancé.

He’s insanely rich

The one thing every Australian identifies James Packer with is wealth—he’s filthy rich, folks.Forbesestimated Packer’s net worth this year at a mind-boggling .5 billion.

Packer was Australia’s best-known media mogul

In Australia the Packer name is synonymous with media in the same way Americans think “social media” when you talk aboutMark Zuckerberg. Originally, Packer’s family made its money in media, and he inherited a billion business when his father,Kerry Packer, passed away in 2005. A few years later, in 2012, James severed all ties with the media industry by selling pay-TV company Consolidated Media Holdings, for a cool billion.

His money’s in casinos now

After nabbing that billion payout from his family’s media empire, Packer turned his attention to the casino business with Crown Ltd., and has casino ventures across Australia, Macau, and Manila.

He’s divorced with three kids

Packer married modelErica Baxter (she now goes by Erica Packer) in 2007 after dating the Australian beauty for about four years. They have three children together—two daughters and a son—between the ages of seven and three. In September 2013, James and Erica announced they were divorcing, which was major news in Australia.

Miranda Kerr may have dated him

Australian supermodelMiranda Kerr was rumored to be dating Packer back in 2014, however neither ever confirmed the speculation.

He was involved in a bizarre public brawl

In a major WTF moment, Packer, 48, was involved in a very public fight with another fully grown professional man:David Gyngell, who also happens to be the CEO of major Australian TV network Channel Nine and a longtime friend of the Packer family. There are even photos from the 2014 brawl between the two middle-aged men, which I highly recommend checking out. Oh, and here’s the video–BYO popcorn.

Packer is a philanthropist

Before you judge him too harshly, you should know that Packer’s actually very generous with all that cash. Back in 2006, he seeded a charitable foundation in his father’s name with million, and he has contributed significantly to the arts, community welfare, education, health care, and the environment in Australia. Oh, and he just launched a new initiative, the National Philanthropic Fund, to which his businesses have pledged 0 million over 10 years to support community projects in Australia.

Video: Kerry Packer Hall of Fame

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